UKKMbF14 Report published

Cathy Howe (2014) A cat, an elf-lord and a spaceman walked into a room… the first UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum had begun” Sources & Resources section of Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice 10(2)  May 2014  283-288


This paper reports on the first UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum, held in mixed reality on 3-4 February 2014.  This forum brought together 70 delegates from 15 sectors under the theme of ‘making connections matter’.  Highly participatory and academically credible, the forum combined a form of ‘open space’ participation with presentations from respected speakers on topics as diverse as design, fiction writing and community-university co-production.   The forum has been described as ‘a hallmark event’.   It was rated as excellent or good by 85% attendees and there is demand for it to become an annual event.  It will be held in Edinburgh in 2015.

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  1. [...] well that’s great.  Limited places at that one too.  More info on last year’s event here.  Registration to open soon for 2015.  See the news as it arrives by following @ukkmbf and [...]

  2. Cathy Howe says:

    […] the report about last year’s event if you want to know more about how the forum […]

  3. […] You can be sure that I will be spending some time assessing what activities took place. For previous events, I have blogged about the UK KMb Forum here and here; the Cdn KMb Forum here and here; tweeted about the UK Forum here, here, and here, and the Cdn Forum here, here and here, including participating in a Speakers Corner here. I even wrote two reports for the previous Canadian KMb Forums – 2013 Cdn KMb Forum Report; 2014 Cdn KMb Forum Report. (Link here to see more about the 2014 UK KMb Forum Report). […]

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